Our Dealership

Kurt Hayden

Kurt started pushing a broom around Hayden Honda back in 1965, the year his father Russell took on Honda motorcycles. “I was cheap labor,” he says.

He worked through all the departments until he took over the business in 1980. He’s ridden motorcycles and ATVs as long as he’s worked, and he raced dirt bikes and street bikes in the 70s. He and his wife Deb even took a CX500 to Yellowstone National Park for their honeymoon. More recently, he rode to work every day for a year for both his 50th and 60th birthdays, despite some brutal winter conditions.

All four of his kids were raised at Hayden Honda, and he has six grandkids who visit whenever they can.

Debra Hayden

Deb married the business—and Kurt—many years ago. She’s in the main office, but no title covers the full range of human resource managing, babysitting, counseling, problem solving, and government-form filling duties she performs every day.

Her family is the most important thing to her. “I’m lucky to have them all close by,” she says. “They are my way of making the world a better place.” From oldest to youngest, her children are Nick, Zach, Summer, and Haley. Her grandkids are Lex, Lilly, Fyodor, Serenity, Lincoln, and Piper.

Nick Hayden

Newborn Nick visited Hayden Honda before his own home after being released from the hospital, and he’s never really left. He loves working with his family. He’s usually hiding in the back office, keeping all the numbers and papers and titles straight. The motorcycle bug passed over him, but he enjoys managing much of what happens behind-the-scenes that Kurt doesn’t want to deal with.

In his free time, he writes short stories and novels and leads his church’s youth group.

Haley Arnold

The “baby” of the Hayden family, Haley originally worked at the family business because she had to, but now, as head of the finance department, she enjoys interacting with customers. She’s married to Hayden Rental manager Austin, and with her first child Piper now spending time at the business, she’s a perfect illustration of why Hayden Honda calls itself a family business.

Natasha Hayden

Occasionally you’ll see red-headed Natasha around, doing odd jobs no one else has time (or wants) to do. Nick’s wife, she spends most of her time dealing with her two children but gets out now and then to spend time with “adults.”

Zach Hayden

Zach’s the second oldest of the four Hayden kids. Like the rest, he’s been hanging around since birth. Though he runs ATA Excellence on Rush Street, you can still find him huddled in his office most afternoons, working on website and promotional material for the business—or at least putting it off until the last minute.

Tom Mabee

Salesman Tom Mabee has been riding Honda motorcycles for the last 25 years. For a time he worked in a bowling pro shop and coached a high school bowling team, but for the past 10 years he has been helping customers find the motorcycle or ATV right for them.

His favorite part of his job is interacting with the customers, whether at fairs and other events, or right in our Honda Powerhouse showroom. “I love my job and the people I work with,” he says. He’s ready to help you find the perfect ride.

Quote: Ride hard. Have fun.

Karen Richards

Karen has been with Hayden Honda for nearly 25 years and rules the parts department with her vast knowledge and eye toward detail. She ships parts nation and world-wide, including to France and Poland. If she can’t answer your parts-related question, it’s hard to know who can!

Ralph Longardner

Ralph is the service manager at Hayden Honda, and with more than 25 years of experience, he knows a thing or two about what makes a motorcycle or ATV run…or not. He also keeps the rest of the service staff on its toes and helps them learn from his experience.

Greg Unternahrer

Greg is known as Tuesday among his fellow employees because when he was first hired as a technician, he only worked Tuesdays. Though he’s now full-time, the name stuck. He specializes in plows, winches, tune-ups, tires, and trikes.

He’s been riding motorcycles since he was 16 and has worked for Hayden Honda six years. He claims he works here for the employee Sam’s Club membership.

His favorite memory of employment is flying off the dock at Kurt’s house during the Hayden Honda employee Olympics. Luckily, Greg claims to be “nigh indestructible.”

Quote: “You’re just too old to understand.”

Jeremiah Johnson

Jeremiah is relatively new to the Hayden family. After attending the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute, he spent a few years elsewhere before ending up at Hayden’s as a technician. He rides a Honda Shadow VLX and a Suzuki GS 750.

He likes working at Hayden Honda because of his fellow employees and the family-oriented atmosphere. His favorite memory is singing part of “The Twelve Days of Christmas” for a local TV ad.

Quote: “I’ll give you 50 bucks for that.”

Mike Longardner

Mike had been with Hayden Honda for 35 years and is the unsung hero in keeping our giant Level 5 Powerhouse spotless. Never one to waste time, he’s always looking for the next job. He is the best bike detailer in the business, and he’s transformed many trade-ins with his magic.